The Best Needlepoint Belt Kits: Affordable Belt Kits

Good needlepoint belt kits will enable you to stitch stylish and preppy needlepoint belts with ease. Custom needlepoint belts are some of the most elegant and stylish fashion accessories that a man can have. Although they are traditional belts, they are fun to make and wear. We know that you have specific details that you want your needlepoint belts to have. This is why we have come up with amazing kits for needlepoint belts that you can choose from. We are certain that you will be impressed by our kits because they will enable you to accomplish your goals of making unique needlepoint belts with ease.

Accomplish your goals

Our kits are designed to help you accomplish your goals. Using them, you can create belts that will make a clear statement about your company, business, hobbies, favorite team, sorority, pets or even fraternity. Our kits will give you limitless possibilities. The kits are unstitched but they come with the threads that you will need to stitch. Thus, they are ready for use in stitching. If you need help in finishing the needlepoint belts that you create using the kits that you buy from us, we can help you at a reasonable fee.

Ultimate satisfaction

Our major goal is to ensure that you are satisfied by the quality of the kits that you receive from us. As such, we come up with fully customized kits on the basis of your specification. We also try to ship your kits within the shortest time possible after you order them from us. Trust us to meet your satisfaction once you order your belt kits with us.

Affordable kits

Quality belt kits do not have to expensive. Similarly, inexpensive needle point kits are not always of low quality. Our kits for needlepoint belts are the best yet affordable. Simply put, they give our customers value for their money. They are pre-finished. This means that once you finish stitching, you can zip them up and consider your product finished.


Our kits are available in different styles. This implies that you can find kits that suit any of your needs. Do not waste more time trying to find the best belt kits. With us, you get easy and quick to stitch kits that save you time and money. We have different designs from which you can choose the kits to purchase.

Get started with ease

If you are about to get started in making needlepoint belts, our kits are the best place to start. They are made using larger mesh canvas. Others have simple designs that are easy to see as well as stitch. They provide the most ideal way of getting started.

We know how important kits are when it comes to making needlepoint kits. It does not matter whether you are experienced in stitching or new in stitching. We have the right belt kits for you. Our prices are very affordable and customer service excellent. Simply order your needlepoint belts to our Haitian women who make hand stitched needlepoint belts  products and services that are worth the value of your money.

What You Should Know about Needlepoint Stitches

When you have the necessary knowledge, then you practice some needlepoint stitches, creating any needlepoint project will not only be possible, but easy for you. The primary interest of a needlepoint designer should be to design and to yarn colors on final needlepoint tapestry. Purposely, the designs should be very graphic in general. This is why basic stitches are important. Nevertheless, there are many stitches that you can try.

Ensure an even finish

As a needlepoint beginner, there are tips that our experts recommend that you practice so that you can come up with an even finish. These tips will also enable you to come up with a straight canvas. It is very important that you establish a natural tension that is in rhythm with the stitching. This will enable you to realize smooth results. A too tight stitching is likely to spoil the entire effect. Although most people fear losing uneven looking stitches, the opposite is also true. Therefore, stay loose and practice before starting. This is because it is better to familiarize yourself with a method on a scrap canvas piece where the effects of mistakes will not be great. Use a needlepoint frame because this will enable you to see whether using one to stitch is more comfortable. It can also help you in creating an even finish.

Basic tent stitches

The basic tent stitch is usually worked in the continental technique, basket-weave technique and half-cross technique. Decorative stitches can also be included. These include the French knot and the stem stitch.

General rule

You should try more stitches as you advance your skills to needlepoint. There are many stitches that have emerged over the years. Some of these might become your favorite stitches while you forget others. It is important that you experiment first then make changes that will enable you to come up with your own variations. Use different fibers, threads as well as textures in exploring all possibilities.

Get professional assistance

Perhaps, you have seen a friend with a custom needlepoint belt that has been made using a specific stitch and you liked it. Maybe you are trying to come up with a belt with such stitches but you cannot succeed. There are professionals that can help you. Remember that creating unique needlepoint designs takes time to perfect stitching skills. Our experts have been doing this for many years and they know how to come up with an ideal design for your needlepoint canvases.

Create custom needlepoint designs

You may have learnt the basics of stitching but this does not mean that you can come up with a magnificent custom needlepoint design. Our experts have been stitching personalized needlepoint belts for many years. They understand what you need any time you share your design ideas or details with us. Simply tell us what you want and we will help stitch your canvas or even belt the way you desire. We will make any needlepoint design you want using the greatest needlepoint stitches that you specify or even think of.

Buying Custom Belts: Experts’ Tips and Advice

Investing in quality custom belts will enable you to have a belt to wear with any outfit and for any occasion. Traditionally, belts have been used for their essential purpose of holding trousers in place. However, belts are now part of the styles of most people. They are not worn just because of their functional necessity, but also to enhance the look of a person. With the important role that is played by belts, it is important to know what you need to look for when it comes to buying a personalized belt. There are many designs of belts in the market. However, if you have ideas that will enable you to have a unique belt, we can help you in designing a unique belt just for you.

Coordinate you outfits with personalized belts

If you value style, you can design or buy different personalized belts to coordinate with your different outfits. Majority of the styles of these belts are available and you can also design your unique belts online. These styles include thin belts, braided belts, and thicker belts as well as buckle belts among others. When you have personalized belts of different designs your wardrobe will have more variety in terms of style.

Properly sized belts

Ensuring that your belts are of the right size is perhaps, the most important aspect of purchasing a belt. If the belt is too small or too big, it will affect its function and your comfort. It will also affect the longevity of the belt and its look too. Therefore, take time to measure your waist size so that you can buy a belt of the right size. Ideally, the belt that you buy should be 2 inches longer than your waist size.


Color is another important aspect of customizing a belt. The general rule is usually to match the belt that you buy with the shoes. For instance, a black belt should be matched with a black pair of shoes. Same case should apply for a brown belt. Casual belts should be matched with tennis shoes or sneakers.


While ordering personalized belts, you should also consider their manufacturing materials. Belts can be made of synthetic material, cloth or leather. Take time to know the benefits of every manufacturing material so that you can order your personalized belts specifying the material that you want the belts to be made of.


Belts have buckles made of different materials including brass. The material that the buckle is made of determines its look. Therefore, know the material that the buckles of the belts that you buy are made of to ensure that they look the way you desire.

Ordering belts

Once you have considered all these factors and made your decision, it is now time to order your belts. Select a service that will give you the best deal on quality, personalized belts. We make and sell premium quality personalized belts for our customers. Order your custom belts with goodthreadsllc by simply sharing the specifications of your belts with us to get quality products at affordable prices.